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Advantages of Rice Milling Machine

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Advantages of Rice Milling Machine

As a Rice Milling Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

Rice Milling Machine Functions:

Rice milling machine for rice milling has two main functions, rice mill and grinding. It can skin rice, corn and bean etc. It also has crushing ability,  making powder such as rice, wheat, grain sorghum, corn, spice, and chili.

Rice Milling Machine Features:

(1) Low noise and smooth operation.

(2) With its unique rice milling technique, each granule of rice can be evenly unshelled, whitened and polished while keeping close contact with the emery roller, producting less broken rice and bring higher milled rice rate.

(3) There is no rice bran powder in the finished ones.

(4) The rice surface shows more roud and bright.

Rice Milling Machine features excellent material, fine processing and good technique. Small power, low energy consumption, high output, easy operation, low failure rate, fine rice brain, rice with bright color, excellent milled rice rate.

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