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Grade One Sifted Maize Mill Exporters

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Grade One Sifted Maize Mill Exporters

As a Grade One Sifted Maize Mill Manufacturer, share with you.Grade One Sifted Maize Mill semi-hulls and separates the grain from the germ and husks and produces a clean high quality flour.

The grade one maize flour you get from this milling process is highly nutritious because none of the parts of the maize have been removed from the process.

Grade One Sifted Maize Mill Introduction:

The mechanical range of sifted maize mill includes a pre-crusher. Crusher works hand-in-hand with the Roller mill. It prepares the grain into a form that is suitable for the Roller mill to grind. The capacity of sifted maize mills ranges from 3 bags/ Hours to 6 bags/hour.

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