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Rice Processing Machinery Exporters

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Rice Processing Machinery Exporters

Rice Processing Machinery. We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Rice Processing Machinery.

Rice Processing Machinery Function:

  1. Rice Processing Machinery the main function is milling paddy to rice, remove the husk, polish and sort the rice.

  2. Rice Processing Machinery is used for paddy rice processing. It is composed of a feeding hopper, paddy husking unit, separating unit for brown rice and chaff, milling unit and air-jet blower, etc.

Rice Processing Machinery Features:

Rice Processing Machinery is equipped with a comprehensive layout, reasonable design, compact structure, simple and reliable operation, and low noise.

The white rice milling precision can reach the standard. With low power consumption and high work efficiency, it is a new generation of combined rice miller machines.

Rice Processing Machinery Advantages:

  • Rice mill machinery is equipped with a rational layout, compact structure, and little noise in operation.

  • Rice processing machine is light and easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity.

  • Rice mill machinery can produce white rice with high purity that meets the national standard, and with less chaff containing and broken rice, so it is a very good paddy rice processing machine for the countryside.

  • High capacity,which can reduce labor time.

  • Low breakage rate. Almost all rice can keep intact.

  • Rice mill machinery not only can mill rice but polish them, so the final rice is bright and white.

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